About Journey

KMD Forum 2018, “Journeys”


Ten years have passed since the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, or KMD, was established. To mark its tenth birthday, the KMD Forum for 2018 will be themed on three “journeys” which have been part-and-parcel of KMD’s odyssey to date. Firstly, we shall trace the journey taken by KMD itself to develop its methodologies for training media innovators serving as model leaders in creative society. Next, we shall introduce the journey of students from admission to KMD to completion of their degrees and beyond. The third journey is that of Real Projects, which form the core of KMD’s curriculum. We shall introduce the evolutionary process of Real Projects aiming for social impact under the slogan of “creating 1 from 0” through an interactive exhibition. We are also set to announce plans for the next ten years of KMD’s journey at the Forum. We eagerly await your participation.